New York, NY (April 24, 2020) – MSG Networks (NYSE: MSGN) today announced it will be dedicating a full week of classic programming around the Knicks 2011-12 season, starting on Monday, April 27th.

The lineup will include top Knicks games and moments from that season, which featured Jeremy Lin’s improbable rise to NBA stardom. During a memorable stretch of games in February that season, which became known as “Linsanity,” Lin and the Knicks put together a long winning streak that captivated the fanbase and the city.

MSG Networks will then continue its coverage of the 2011-12 season over the weekend, starting at 2pm on Saturday, May 2nd with a full day of “In-60’s,” 60-minute versions of games from that season. The network will then cap off its week-long Knicks programming marathon with full-length game telecasts throughout the day and night on Sunday May 3rd, beginning at 10am.

A complete schedule of the games airing on MSG can be found below. The programming throughout the week will also be available on MSG GO, MSG Networks’ live streaming and video on demand platform for smartphones, tablets and computers.


Monday, April 27th
9a                    Knicks vs. Nets – 2/4/12

Lin scores 25 off the bench in Knicks win 

11a                   Knicks vs. Utah – 2/6/12

Lin drops 28 points in win over the Jazz

730p                 Knicks vs. Nets – 2/4/12

930p                 Knicks vs. Utah – 2/6/12


Tuesday, April 28th
9a                    Knicks at Washington – 2/8/12

Lin records a double-double in a big road win

11a                   Knicks at Minnesota – 2/11/12

Lin with 20 points, including the game-winning free throw, as the Knicks win their 5th straight

730p                 Knicks at Washington – 2/8/12

930p                 Knicks at Minnesota – 2/11/12


Wednesday, April 29th
9a                    Knicks at Toronto – 2/14/12

Lin with 27, including a 3-pointer at the buzzer, to give the Knicks their 6th straight win

11a                   Knicks vs. Atlanta – 2/22/12

Lin drops 17 points in a big win over the Hawks

730p                 Knicks at Toronto – 2/14/12

930p                 Knicks vs. Atlanta – 2/22/12


Thursday, April 30th
9a                    Knicks vs. Lakers – 2/10/12

Lin scores 38 against Kobe and the Lakers

11a                   Knicks at Toronto – 2/14/12

Lin with 27, including a 3-pointer at the buzzer, as the Knicks win their 6th in a row

730p                 Knicks vs. Lakers – 2/10/12

930p                 Knicks at Toronto – 2/14/12


Friday, May 1st
9a                    Knicks vs. Dallas – 2/19/12

Lin puts up 26 points as the Knicks roll over Dallas at the Garden

11a                   Knicks vs. Atlanta – 2/22/12

Lin drops 17 points in a big win over the Hawks

730p                 Knicks vs. Dallas – 2/19/12

930p                 Knicks vs. Atlanta – 2/22/12

Saturday, May 2nd
2pm                 In-60: Knicks vs. Nets – 2/4/12

3pm                   In 60: Knicks vs. Utah – 2/6/12

4pm                 In 60: Knicks at Washington – 2/8/12

5pm                 In 60: Knicks vs. Lakers – 2/10/12

6pm                 In 60: Knicks at Minnesota – 2/11/12

7pm                 In 60: Knicks at Toronto – 2/14/12

8pm                 In 60: Knicks vs. Atlanta – 2/22/12

Sunday, May 3rd
10am                Knicks vs. Nets – 2/4/12

12pm                 Knicks vs. Utah – 2/6/12

2pm                 Knicks at Washington – 2/8/12

4pm                 Knicks vs. Lakers – 2/10/12

6pm                 Knicks at Minnesota – 2/11/12

8pm                 Knicks at Toronto – 2/14/12

10pm                Knicks vs. Dallas – 2/19/12

12a                   Knicks vs. Atlanta – 2/22/12 

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